Waterfull Self-Refreshing Drinking Water Storage Barrel Receives Patent for Post-Disaster Survival

Groundbreaking System Provides Safe Drinking Water for Loved Ones During Critical Days Immediately Following Catastrophic Disasters

Whittier, Calif., April 9, 2019 – Waterfull has been granted United States patent #D843766 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the company’s self-refreshing drinking water storage system that provides a week’s worth of drinking water for a family of 4 without requiring any maintenance by the owner.

The Waterfull system connects to an ordinary outdoor garden spigot that provides a continuous stream of pressurized drinking water to the Waterfull Barrel. An ordinary garden hose connects to the barrel’s outlet providing 2 key functions. First, the hose acts like any other hose and allows the owner to perform common chores like watering plants and cleaning. In addition, every moment that the hose is in use, the Waterfull barrel collects fresh new water from its inlet while flushing the older water out through the garden hose. This ensures a continuously refreshed supply of water within the barrel.

With more than a 30-gallon capacity, the barrel contains enough water to last a family of 4 for a week under FEMA and Red Cross guidelines. This water can be used as drinking water for adults, to prepare food for the family, to mix formula for babies, for washing or can be shared with family pets. If the 30 gallon capacity of a single Waterfull Barrell is not enough, it is possible to link multiple Waterfull Barrels together, providing the ability to store a continuously refreshed water supply with enough capacity for almost any household.

The patent covers product innovations in 2 key areas. The first area is the composition of the plastic that is used to form the main body of the barrel. The unique blend of materials is made of Food Grade materials that are BPA free and protect against degradation caused by exposure to the sun’s UV rays. This ensures the quality of the water will be maintained for the full life of the barrel. The patent also covers the mechanical design of the barrel, which uses specialized design and manufacturing techniques that enable it to contain pressurized water without bursting. The pressure is necessary to ensure that the outlet hose has the pressure needed to perform ordinary garden chores.

The Waterfull Barrel is available in a variety of designer colors for immediate delivery. For additional information please visit the company web site at www.waterfull.com, send a message to info@waterfull.com or call 855-85WATER.

About Waterfull

Based in Whittier California, Waterfull was founded in 2017 to provide water security to anyone concerned with the safety of their family after a disaster. The company’s patented Waterfull Barrel attaches in minutes to an ordinary outdoor spigot and stores enough clean drinking water to support a family of four for one week, according to FEMA and Red Cross guidelines.

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1. The Barrel uses the city water supply or a home’s own water supply and cannot control the quality of water that goes into the barrel – the water is only as safe to drink as the source. 

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