Waterfull Debuts at 2018 ResCon Global Resilience Summit

Groundbreaking System Provides Safe Drinking Water for Loved Ones During Critical Days Immediately Following Catastrophic Disasters

New Orleans, Dec. 4, 2018 – Waterfull will debut their patent pending Waterfull Barrel emergency water supply system during the 2018 ResCon International Global Resilience Summit at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

“The most urgent need after a disaster is for safe drinking water,” stated Waterfull Founder Howard Murray. “Most people do not maintain adequate reserves, making them totally reliant on government response programs that often face significant logistical challenges due to blocked roadways, excessive demand and inconsistent communications. Enabling the public to be more self-reliant for water security was my primary motivation for developing the Waterfull Barrel.”

Made of food quality plastic, the Waterfull Barrel holds 30 gallons of safe drinking water. FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) and the Red Cross recommend storing 1 gallon of water per person per day. This means the Waterfull Barrel holds enough water for a family of four for a week.

The Waterfull Barrel can be installed in minutes without tools by almost anyone. Simply connect the Waterfull Barrel to an ordinary outdoor water spigot using the included connector hose. Then connect your existing garden hose to the Waterfull Barrel output spigot. Every time you use your hose for watering, cleaning or any other purpose, it will draw fresh water into the barrel helping to maintain the freshness of your stored water supply. Since the water comes from your home’s water system, the water stored in the Waterfull barrel is as clean as the water available throughout your home. It’s that easy.

Unlike bottled water, the Waterfull Barrel uses ordinary tap water that is extremely low cost, requires no indoor storage and does not contribute to the plastic waste stream. In addition, the Waterfull Barrel automatically refreshes the stored water every time you use the hose, while bottled water needs to be periodically replaced to maintain freshness.

The Waterfull Barrel is available in a variety of designer colors for immediate delivery.

About Waterfull

Based in Whittier California, Waterfull was founded in 2017 to provide water security to anyone concerned with the safety of their family after a disaster. The company’s patent pending Waterfull Barrel installs in minutes to an ordinary outdoor spigot and stores enough clean drinking water to maintain a family of four for one week, according to FEMA and Red Cross guidelines

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1. The Barrel uses the city water supply or a home’s own water supply and cannot control the quality of water that goes into the barrel – the water is only as safe to drink as the source. 

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